Our Background Pt 2

A guide dog puppy spends about one year in the home of a raiser family. During this year the puppy learns basic commands as well as appropriate behaviors in the home and in public. Training meetings are held approximately twice a month for raisers and puppies.  Raisers will take their guide dog puppy with them to work, school, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, baseball parks, basketball arenas, football stadiums, and any number of places where a working guide may go.

After a year the guide dog puppy returns to Guide Dogs for the Blind to begin the formal training of guide work. Upon completion of approximately four months of intensive training the puppy, now a fully trained guide dog, is matched with a blind or visually impaired student. The new team undergoes three weeks of extensive training to become a finely tuned pair.

On graduation day the puppy raiser is afforded the opportunity to present his or her puppy to its new partner in an emotional ceremony for all. Graduation is the defining moment of all the work the raiser has put into the new guide dog. Emotions run high, but as a result of a year’s worth of work and love given the puppy by its raiser, a new team has been born.

This beautiful husky puppy in the photo above is owned by Wenatchee Landscaping his name is Bentley. He loves to play! Looking for a professional Dog raiser? Contact us today!